Future Projects - Part 1

Trucks - i intend to buy two trucks. One to carry supplies back to town when my Reaper Teams go foraging, and a second one that i want to turn into a futuristic battle truck.

Figure ideas (figures i would like to see made... possibly in the Eureka Miniature's 100 Club)

a Dean and Sam supernatural hunter figures. As well as a black '67 Chevy Impala.

Bundeswehr Office, Sniper, NCO, flame thrower operator and one using a contamination meter (like the Eureka Soviet figure with meter).

Scenario ideas

"A Day at the Zoo". I raised this idea in the TMP forum as i thought it would be a fun game idea. It would also be fun modelling the zoo to fight in. Here is the link for more info: http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=101368

"A Day in the Park" (notice a theme here?). I am building a nice quite serene garden/park. It will include a duck pond (with ducks), sun dial, pagoda, flower beds, hedges, and a childrens play set (swings and slides). It will be all nice and happy... until the Reaper Teams come in to "evict" those using the park at the time.

"Seige of Check Point Bravo". The Zombies want to get into a human out post - after all these outposts are like a super market for them. The Reaper Team will be called into help strengthen the guards at "Check Point Bravo" as it comes under constant attack by zombies.

I will need to build a city. At this stage i am looking for some cork tiles to make my buildings from having read an article on the web by another Zombie wargamer.

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