Reaper Teams - the campaign good guys

Generally speaking most of my zombie wagames will be played whilst controlling what i have called "Reaper Teams".

What are Reaper Teams?

Groups of soldiers that survived the initial outbreak have been formed into tactical groups called Reaper Teams.

The Reaper Teams have the job of combating the zombies, controlling the movement of civilians into safe zones, gathering supplies for the use of survivors and investigating rumours.

A typical Reaper Team consists of 9 soldiers. One Team has an Team Leader (a Corporal), a Second in Command (a Lance Corporal), two Scouts, one MG gunner, and four riflemen.

Team composition can vary depending on the local commander and the mission objectives. Specialists, such as snipers, scientific advisers, Anti-tank gunner and flamer thrower operators can also be found attached to Reaper Teams from time to time. (based on if the figures are made by Eureka Miniatures).

For larger operations a number of Reaper Teams will be deployed under the command of an Officer and a Sergeant.

All members of a Reaper Team wear a protective uniform, including a gas mask, that prevents them from coming into direct contact of the virus.

To add to the "history" of the Reaper Teams i created a badge that would be worn by all team members (see below). This doesnt do anything for the games but was a bit of fun creating some background.

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