Something Different...

After i placed my order for the Germans and the Zombies i suddenly had the urge to paint the next figure shown.
I sent an email off to enquire if it was possible to add it to the order, and Eureka helped out yet again.
I had ordered the dog shown in the photo as well as another figure that i intended to cut up to get the hand from, but Nic placed a single hand in so i wouldn't have to do a Frankenstein act to convert the figures over.
The hand in the photo is from Sudanese market stall that Eureka sells. I left the assembly pin on the hand in the final result, as i figured this would help add to the look with a bone sticking out of the end of the hand.

Ever since it was first seen in a film starring Toshiro Mifune, the dog with a hand in its mouth has popped up all over the place, so i figured it was only fair that it made an appearance in my campaign too.

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