Game Mechanics - stats

Each figure in the game will have the following stats (with definition):

  • Move (how many inches a turn the figure can be moved)

  • Ranged Combat (how effective at firing weapons the figuer is)

  • Melee Combat (how effective at hand to hand combat the figure is)

  • Cool (how much stress the figure can take before it runs away)

  • Fear (Nasties only - used to determine if the mere sight of the critter causes a human figure to flee)

Move is always 6 for Humans and 4 for Zombies.

Humans have 7 points to spend between Ranged Combat, Melee Combat and Cool. One point must be spent on each stat and there is no limit to how many points can be spent on each stat.

Example: I am creating a new Reaper Team recruit. I have to spend one point in each stat, leaving me with 4 points to spend. I choose to put two points in each Ranged Combat and Melee Combat. The Reaper now has the following stats: Ranged Combat 3, Melee Combat 3, Cool 1.

How the stats work: roll a number of d6 equal to the figures appropriate stat. Thus if you have 3 for Ranged Combat, you will roll 3d6 when shooting.

As stats go higher for humans during campaign play skills will also become available.

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