Zombie Campaign Background Part 1

How it all started...

During the Cold War Russia experimenting with chemical/viral warfare, creating a toxic mix of chemicals that was intended to kill its victims within 24 hours. One particular toxic mix had strange effects on those that it came in contact with.
The effect of the toxin was to kill those that came in touch with the chemical or breathed the vapours in. A major problem with the virus is that a larger percentage of the victims became living dead – Zombies.

Unable to dispose of this toxin without infecting whole populations, the Soviets buried barrel loads of the chemical through out Eastern Europe in secure sites.
For decades no more was thought about this buried time bomb, and when the Cold War ended, so too did the security over the dump areas.

The land once held by the military was soon sold off to land developers. As the bull dozers moved in the barrels were uncovered and punctured by the heavy machinery, causing the deadly toxin to be released.

Workers spread the toxin to their families and the local community. The local community spread the toxin to tourists. Before too long the deadly chemical had spread through out Europe and the rest of the World.

Those infected that didnt die turned into zombies. These zombies started attacking humans, creating a "second generation" of zombies in the process.

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