Zomtober 2013 - the final days

Now it is November and Zomtober 2013 is over.

 In the dying gasps of October I finished another batch of Commandos and WW2 zombies - just.

 I think there was only four hours left in October when I finished the very last of the figures for Zomtober, managing to crank out five more commandos and six more zombies:

 And as promised, he are two photos showing the entire number of figures I painted for the challenge:

 This was quite a feat for me, as it has been a long time since I painted so many figures.

 But it wont end there; I still have something like eleven zombies still to paint up from the box of Studio Miniatures WW2 zombies. Three will be Type 1 zombies in black, with the remainder being Type 2 zombies.

 I wont be introducing Type 1 & 2 zombies in to the game with my friend just yet... I want he to get over the shock of playing a zombie game and then settle in comfortably before ramping up the threat level.

 As I wont have enough uniformed zombies to play a game I will be using my Mantic zombies. These will represent civilians that have been bitten and turned.

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Simon Quinton said...

What a great achievement! Well Done sir!