WW2Z - Black Tree Design

I took a risk with BTD this morning. I know others have no complaints with them, but all of the orders I have made with them in the past have either taken six months+ to arrive, or been incomplete.

 But seeing as the are now accepting Pay Pal and had a discount of 25% with an additional -10% for registered customers, I decided to order a pack of Commandos with silenced sten guns.

 The postage was a bummer, making each of the minis cost close to $5AUD each, so I thought long and hard about getting them, but the evil voices in my head told me I needed them, and very soon I wont have too much of a budget for getting minis.

 I was tempted to order a few more packs, but as I only wanted one or two of the figures in the pack I decided it wasn't worth the cost.

Hopefully my order will have the same good luck that other people have been having lately with BTD and it will arrive ASAP.

  I also couldn't see how to include Hitler or Stalin in the scenarios, so although very tempted to include them in the order, I listened to the good voices in my head and didn't order them.

Bugger - I just thought that maybe Hitler had been cloned, a la "The Boys from Brazil", and the Commandos would have been able to kill a clone each mission as a bit of light hearted fun. Poo Bugger Bum - having placed the order I certainly can't justify the $18AUD cost placing a new order for one figure!

 As someone in a comment on the blog once called me - sodding git.   Although they meant it in fun ;-)


Mathyoo said...

There's ALWAYS a place for Hitler and Stalin in a scenario!

Clint said...

I think it wise not to include Hitler (cloned or not) in the scenario. It would be over egging it.

Hope the order comes through for you in super quick time.

Simon Quinton said...

They are really cool figs though. Silenced Sten's specialised Zombie Hunter unit.

The Clone Hitlers idea would of been amusing. I'd of perhops gone for the pulpy Hitler Robot from Copplestone castings in there KKBB Range.

Michael Awdry said...

Silenced sten guns - how could anyone refuse? Best of luck with the order though.

Zabadak said...

I'm lucky enough to have had little to no trouble ordering from manufacturers in the past, hope this one goes a lot better for you.

As for the Hitler figure, there would be easily be scope for a body double scenario (Churchill in "The Eagle has landed") as well clones.
Blue Moon Miniatures also have zombiefied versions of Hitler, Musspolini and other famous historical personalities too !