WW2Z - V1 construction begins!

The N gauge railway track arrived in the mail yesterday, and despite I have a lot more important things to do for the first planned game of the campaign I couldn't resist making a start on this project.

Dodgy concept sketch of the build... as you can see I write like a 3 year old. Maybe I should use crayons?

As I was opening my mail I spied a large piece of balsa that I have had for maybe fifteen years and done nothing with it.  Picking it up, I noticed that it would be perfect for the ramp and, by cutting two sections of equal size, would be the right size for what I need.

track laid out on the balsa before cutting the wood

the two sections of balsa with the track on top testing the size

 This morning I glued the wood sections together and started making the 'metal dividing' sections

part of the ramp for show. Note the section at the end of the ramp

I have only done one side of the ramp so far - as each divider is only 3mm wide, it was 'doing my eyes in'. I think I need new glasses :-(

 At the rear of the ramp is a section with holes drilled in to it. The real life ramp has these sections with two or three columns of holes, but doing that many was beyond my ability given the size of the thing, so I went with one column to represent it.

 Once I have done the other side I will paint the whole thing dark grey. A lot of photos show green, khaki or camouflaged ramps, but I suspect some of those colours are a bit of artistic licence used to preserve the examples still in existence.

 Besides, my ramp is owned by the SS Occult arm, so they can paint it any colour they like.

Making the legs for the ramp might turn out to be the hard part. I was going to make this out of balsa, but I fear that it would break too easily. I will use foam card as a trial, and if that works it will be all steam ahead.

Before I make any more of the ramp, I need to finish off a guard box, a house and the character cards for the first game.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice start!

The Extraordinarii said...

Looking Good, should make for a good game.

shintokamikaze said...

Very nice, it should look great when finished

Zombie Ad said...

Za secret planz! Very cool indeed, good progress.

cedric said...

very nice terrain. I'd love to see in action