WW2Z scenery

I finally finished a bit of scenery for my game that I have been working on and off for a little while now.

 At this stage I will be using them as barracks, and thus potential spawn points, for my first game, but they will appear in other scenarios with different functions from time to time.

The plan for these came from Matakishi's Tea House with the only changes being what I used for the windows, and the fact I glued them both to the same base.

I would have finished them weeks ago, but I put my energies into painting the zombies for Zomtober.

If time and resources permit I would like to make another two buildings like this, maybe more.

I haven't ruled out adding extra bits to the base: things like grass or flower beds to liven it up.


Simon Quinton said...

They look great. You can use them as they are and then add bits later or perhaps have bases of additional bits so you can change themes from weird to normal.

lrqan said...

Very neat Matakishi is inspirational and I thought I saw his ghost in those buildings. Well done.

Zombie Ad said...

These are great. Good job. Use as ius and add to them as need be.

Zabadak said...

They look very usable, I'd have been tempted though to base them individually, but they do look good as is.