WW2Z - BTD Commandos arrive!

My small order from BTD of the British Commandos with silenced sten guns arrived in the mail today!

In the words of the great man Billy Connolly: I am shocked and stunned, and not a little amazed.

Nothing missing, nothing broken, and they arrived in good time.

If they keep up this kind of work I will be tempted to order from them again!

Photos will be posted when I have painted them, but most likely that wont be until December... I might even save them for Zedcember.


cmnash said...

That is good news! Especially after what happened with the Dr Who figure! I shall look forward to seeing them

Zombie Ad said...

It's nice when things just workout nicely.

Simon Quinton said...

Brilliant Silent Death has arrived!

Zabadak said...

It's always nice to hear of good service.