WW2Z - something special for the British?

I remembered last night that someone makes a 28mm WW2 Druid miniature, and I have tracked it down:

 At first I was thinking 'bollocks - it is a para figure, and wont fit in with my commandos".  Well, after doing a bit of digging around, I have discovered that the figure comes in multiple parts, and one has the option of two different heads and two sets of arms to choose from.

I know Warlord Games sells separate commando heads, so I could make a quick conversion. I then need to come up with a back story as to why a commando is wearing a para smock, but that can be as simple as "he is a druid... he can wear what he likes"

I am not convinced on this, but I will put it in to the back of my mind for a later date.


Simon Quinton said...

If he's a specialist character I imagine he can where what he dam well pleases!

Simon Quinton said...

Be prepared for much fidliness putting him together they look great but can be a right BBBBB to put together.

Zombie Ad said...

Simple enough conversion and he'll fit fine mate. Worth the effort IMO

pulpcitizen said...

A great looking mini and I am with Simon; he wears what he pleases!