WW2Z - German Officer

Since Zomtober my painting has slowed down to almost no existence. I might have to make every month zomsomething to keep me painting.

 About the only figure I have painted is an Artizan German Officer miniature.

The detail isn't so easy to see - my tiny Kodak camera doesn't really do a good enough job, and the much better camera I had access to is on the blink and doesn't work too well.

 When it is sunny again I will try to get a better photo so you can clearly see the uniform: he has a black coat with field grey uniform, which is a bit hard to see in these images.

Game planning wise, I think the first scenario for the campaign will be a small raid to capture equipment and destroy an antenna. This will allow my friend and I to get the hang of the rules and introduce the zombies as a gauge to see if he wants to continue with the setting, or if I take it up as a solo game.

 The store I purchased the N gauge rail track from has returned from holidays and has posted it to me... with any luck it will be here by the end of the week. If so the building of the V1 ramp will begin.

 Initially the building will be slow as I need to clean the house up for the return of Mrs Shelldrake in a week or so.

 As I build the ramp I will* post progress photos for you all to look at. 

* that is the intention.  I sometimes get so caught up in a project that I kind of forget to do this type of thing.

Oh, and Black Tree Design has stated they have posted my little order of Commandos already! Fingers crossed it actually arrives and is complete.  If so, I might be tempted to place another order soon.


cedric said...

Very nice painting! I didn't go to that much of details, painting my officer with blackish tone, making them more evil than standard German Heer.
Looking forward to seeing the scenario!

Clint said...

A menacingly characterful German office you have there. I wonder what he has in the briefcase..... possibly his lunch knowing your sense of humour! I Hope Black Tree deliver fast as well. Really enjoying the progress

Shelldrake said...

@Clint - LMAO! I was thinking of sinister documents, but lunch is a much better idea. Maybe even a copy of "Lebemann" in a brown paper bag.

Blaidd Drwg said...

Okay Shelldrake, we'll get you motivated to keep painting - next month is The Quick and the Zed's Zedcember 2013. Sound like a plan;-)
Let me know 8-)

Simon Quinton said...

He looks great from what I can see. Didn't you know this is Zovember? come on chop chop man!

Why do I imagine there's crates of beer and pizza boxes everywhere with a statement like I need to get the house read for the Wife's return lol.

Zabadak said...

Any progress is good progress and he looks to be a great addition to your forces.

Michael Awdry said...

Superb! That is a particularly good miniature, love what you've done with it too.

Lord Siwoc said...

He has some documents and 2 leadbars. Try to scrape on one of the lead bars....See if is is a different colour!

Zombie Ad said...

Looking good sir!