Bolt Action Zombie - German zombie types

I am thinking of three types of zombies for my WW2 game.

  The nastiest will be SS Zombies - these are creations of an occult experiment conducted by high ranking members of the SS.  They will be fast, hard to kill, able to climb, use things, be semi intelligent or better, have leadership and, fortunately, be in limited numbers.

The nature of their creation is what makes them dangerous and hard to kill.
 They wont have the ability to infect others. They are pure killing machines and nothing else.

Type one zombies

 Next will be your German soldier that has become a zombie through chemical testing to create a Super Soldier. They will be harder to kill, but lack the ability to move fast, climb or use items. Basically a normal zombie, only harder to kill than average.

 Only 'first generation' zombies will be harder to kill; basically only those created through chemical testing will be tougher.

 As they were created in a laboratory  through experiments that have gone wrong, they will carry a virus that infects others that they bite.

Type two zombies

 The third, and last type, of zombie are those bitten by the 'type two' zombie.  They can be other German soldiers, Allied soldiers or even Civilians. They will be easier to kill but still remain infectious, thus passing on their undead curse to others.

Type three zombie

 What does all this mean in game terms?

Type One: can run, open doors, climb ladders, has a troop quality of 10 and is killed on a 6+

Type Two: slow moving, has a troop quality of 9 and is killed on a 5+

Type Three: slow moving, has a troop quality of 8 and is killed on a 4+

The levels as to which the different zombie types will spawn also matches how hard they are to kill. Thus a Type One will only spawn on a 6+, whilst a Type Three will spawn on a 4+.

I will have to play test the different zombie types, but I think they will work.

How to tell the difference between these zombies?

 The Type One zombies are easy to tell - they wear the SS uniform.

For the Type Two zombies I am thinking of painting yellow "glowing" eyes. They will also be in Wehrmacht uniforms.  The reason for the glowing eyes is to tell them apart from Type Three zombies in uniform.

 And Type three will be anything else.


Charles Salley said...

It sounds fun to me. Will it be a competitive game, with someone running the zombies, or a cooperative game?

Clint said...

I think I would not have told anyone about the differences, and let the players work it out. (I'm horrid like that). Or maybe send them on a mission to recover some documents which if they read they would learn from. (High Command may never tell the guys on the ground after all)>

Other than that I really like what I see and hear so far. Glad you are blogging again and looking forward to more.

Shelldrake said...

@ Charles: I will be running the zombies vs an unsuspecting player. If he doesn't like the game it will be a solo game, with great possibility of a PBB game.

@ Clint: the player I am going to surprise with this game doesn't visit the internet that much, let alone this blog. I will start with the low level zombies to introduce a sense of complacency.

I intend to put together a series of game that will involve finding out what has happened over a number of missions, including a raid to recover documents and even a scientist.

Simon Quinton said...

Sounds ace, I'd experiment with numbers especially against only a small elite force

Mathyoo said...

Great idea, I love the story behind each of does make sense after all.

Zombie Ad said...

Sounds great