Bolt Action Zombie - work on more scenery

Ok, it has taken a week and a half for me to finish off my recent purchase: the guard tower I found here for sale in Australia.

 It took a while as it was not quite what I was expecting.   I had in my mind it was a laser cut kit you just put together rather like those excellent products made by various companies.

 Instead it was more like a plane kit, where the pieces had to be cut out of a sprue, then files or sanded where the pieces joined the sprue before you could put it all together.

 Here is a sample of the 'sprue' to better show what I mean:

 The instructions said you need a good hobby knife, but I found a Stanley Knife was the best thing to use.

 As I cut the pieces out and filed the tabs back I assembled it without using glue to see how it went together, and once I was happy I glued my tower together.

 Next I added some corrugated card to the tower walls and roof to try and give it more of a WW2 to Modern feel about it.

At first I was a bit uncertain about this, but the end results left me feeling very happy that I made the effort.

The kit has the option of glueing the roof in to place or keeping it separate so as to make it easier to place figures in the tower.  I decided not to glue to roof in place.

Finishing off the tower had to wait about half a week as I wanted to get some brown paint for the legs that I felt was the best colour for it.

 Having secured the paint I proceeded to paint the legs and the ladder and then the walls, roof and leg supports with a dark grey undercoat, followed by a lighter grey top layer.

 As the whole thing looked a bit too clean I used a diluted ink wash on the model to weather it a little.

Once it was all dry I glued it to a base for extra stability and then finished off the base to make it fit in with my other scenery.

These photos show the end results of my work:

Tower with roof on

Tower with roof off

Commando Sniper in the tower. Safest place to be really. Or is it?

It wasn't until I was editing the photos that I noticed the zombies had knocked a tree over in the background. Stupid zombies.

Other scenery

I am making some buildings for use in the game and will have photos of these as soon as I have finished the first batch of them.

 I also found 4Ground make a nice German guard box, so I have requested a Paypal invoice from NorthStar who are selling it with the best postage rates I could find.  4Ground really need to look at their postage rates if they want overseas customers to buy from them directly.

 I also want to make some fences for a German base, but I am not 100% sure on what I will do for this.  I will tinker around to see what is the easiest to make without compromising how it looks.


Lord Siwoc said...

Pretty neat!

Do remember that zombies often just wander around...No wonder one of them walked head first into a tree!

The Extraordinarii said...

Good job on that tower Shelldrake, I have seen that around before its a good kit.

Simon Quinton said...

Tower looks great and well worth the extra effort you put in. The 4 ground kits are nice and easy to build.

Mathyoo said...

Looks great, I love the corrugated add ons, too.

The guard house looks pretty neat, something to remember once I proceed with my secret-nazi-castle-prison/lab.

For fences, you can't go wrong with chicken fence and some skewers.

Zombie Ad said...

Maybe not what you expected, but it looks pretty awesome all the same

Zabadak said...

It's a very good model, even if it's not laser-cut and I think I'd have preferred to work with plastic rather than wood in anyway.

Clint said...

The tower does look good. I hope it's robust enough for the players as it would be a shame to have it broken in transit or storage. I probably would at my club (.

Nice work if the rest of the terrain comes out to this standard it will look a very good game indeed.

cedric said...

nice start on the German base. looking forward to seeing more

cmnash said...

Damn fine tower shelldrake; as the others have said, the corrugated add-ons look well worth it to me.

and I second the comment - stoopid zombies ...