Bolt Action Zomibe - a quick game before work

I played out another play test of the 'BAZ' game this morning and the results were a lot better... well better for the zombies.

Zombies move in close to a commando. His fires at them, killing one.

The zombies move in on the closest commando and attack him. Lucky for him he dodges their attack.

During this activation the attacked commando moves (read 'runs') away to a safer position, with the zombies close on his heels.

Changes made:

Zombies spawn on a roll of 5+ :  I tried this in the last game and it works well. Enough zombies appear, but not in ridiculous amounts.

 Stuns: hits that don't kill stun the zombies, removing their action for the turn. This helps balance the game a lot and gives the soldiers half a chance at surviving, but needs to be modified slightly.

Things to work on:

 Stuns: I will roll at the start of a zombie's move to remove the stuns. If successful the zombie still gets to act.  I found that stunning the zombies and having them automatically act the next turn gave them too much of a benefit. Having them make the test and then lose their turn didn't work either, as they did nothing and removed the tension. By having them make the test and then able to act should balance this out.

 Zombie kills: at this stage a zombie is only killed on a 6.  I might try playing on a zombie being killed on a 5+ and see if this balances the game or makes it uneven.  I will try the new stun system first before changing the zombie kill rule, as the stun rule may do the job needed.

           at lot more scenery will also change the game. At the moment the commandos have a clear line of sight and can fire at maximum range.  Add in walls, buildings and plenty of cover, the zombies will be able to get a lot closer before the action starts.


Clint said...

Nice to see you blogging regularly again after the hectic months.

I do like the sepia look to the photos it makes me think it's night time. As mentioned previously I don't know the rules but I do like what you are doing with them.

Shelldrake said...

The sepia photos hide the fact I haven't finished painting the minis yet ;-)

The Extraordinarii said...

Nice one mate, good to see you back in action.

Simon Q said...

Hoorah! Don't exhaust yourself though mate with all this posting :D

Zabadak said...

Seems to be pretty well balanced atm.

paulalba said...

Still sound great! I hope you don't mind me chipping in? we came across some of the same problems as our 1st game our guys moved faster and could pick off closer zombies with hand held and the line of sight helped with most. I like your stun rule like they have been hit and knocked down but keep coming. We added in zombies who had their legs shot off so moved at a slower rate but are still very dangerous crawling forward. we made the spawn areas random around the table on D10 (coming from terrain pieces). Worked great. 2 levels of noise, regular and loud weapon. Line of sight topped all.

Shelldrake said...

Please chip in as much as you like - it helps me put a good game together, and someone else might be inspired to try a game.

I intend to have a lot more spawn areas than I do at the moment - I have been using three to test the rules, but will have them surrounding the centre focal point of the game.