Bolt Action Zombie - scenario concept and some scenery

Over the last few days I have been making some scenery to go with my Bolt Action Zombie game idea.

 I made a couple of simple bunkers to put on the table. They might not be 100% historically accurate, but they will do the job.

Foam card bunker

Bunker with Commando peering in to show the size of the bunker

 The scenario concept

 The commandos will be sent in to destroy some bunkers and other defenses as part of a bigger raid.  These targets will be roughly centred in middle of the gaming area.

 The player will need to move the commandos in, coming up with a plan that best suits his needs in  order to get in undetected.  Once there charges are to be set and then the commandos must evacuate of a predetermined table edge.

What the player doesn't know is that there are no enemy troops in the area.  I will keep the player on his toes by making dice rolls for the alert status of the enemy, but these are bogus dice rolls used only to add suspense to the game.

a sample layout for the proposed game

 The real action will start if any shots are fired, or the explosives are set and it is time to evacuate.  By the time this happens, the player should be scratching his head wondering what is up.

A slightly clearer and closer photo of the proposed setup

As soon as a loud noise is made the zombies will start to appear. I will also place spawn points on the table to indicate where additional zombies will appear from during the course of the game. This is when the real game will start.

I have since painted up all of the dragon's teeth tank obstacles, so they are ready to go.  I though I had more wire defenses. I will need to look for these or make some more.

 I would like a guard tower or two, or at the very least, a sentry box, but not sure if I will be able to buy some or make any before I play the game.

 A few barracks or houses for the"German troops" would be nice too. As I am running low of foam card I will have to undertake an expedition to get some before I can add to my building collection.

 The entrance to an underground bunker complex might be in order too...

 In the mean time I am painting up my commandos and continuing with the play test of the Bolt Action Zombie rules.

  I also need to test out grenades in the game, as they are not included in the Bolt Action rules, and I want the player to make as much noise as he can in the defense of his figures.


paulalba said...

Its really coming together well!

Clint said...

Don't worry about the historical accuracy of the bunker design. They look about right and you are not trying to do a 100% historically accurate game. Everything seems to be moving along at a rapid pace and looking rather splendid.

Simon Quinton said...

This sounds ace and is coming along nicely. Its going to be such a cracking game. I'm sure I saw similar looking bunkers when I used to play call of duty. Your a git I'm tempted to have a crack at something like this now the ideas are churning away.

I must not get distracted, I must not get distracted, I must not get distracted, I must not get distracted. LOL

Shelldrake said...

Simon - wait until you see the underground bunker entrance I am building... I was inspired today and will be posting photos as I build it.

Mathyoo said...

What a great idea! Kinda cheeky! :D

As for the bunkers, perhaps some battle damage?

And I'm sure you can make a sentry box or a watch tower quite easily! :)

Sean said...

The bunkers look good. Nice terrain setup for the game.

shintokamikaze said...

Sounds great, the bunkers look fantastic, i made some earth and log bunkers before, i used them for my 1/72 soviet army in a battle of Kursk game, very simple to make useing window putty and twigs

lrqan said...

How fiendish. Reminds me of a technique were you would tell the gamer a scenario and then change the era. Very tricky and sneaky, well done.

Zabadak said...

Let the fun commence !

Looks like a very good scenario (read set-up)and should be a lot of fun - for you at least !

Charles Salley said...

Hey, this looks great. You wanted a guard tower? How about this?

Shelldrake said...

Thanks Charles - the guard tower looks idea. The postage might be a killer though - I will need to get a quote from them.