Bolt Action Zombie - another play test

I managed to play test another game today.

 This time I only used four commandos, as the others are busy being painted up.

 To start the game I rolled 4d6 for the number of zombies starting on the board and I only rolled 6.

 As the commandos were mostly out of range for a number of turns, I put them on over watch waiting until the zombies came in range.

 The sniper was the only one to fire any shots, and he didn't do too well (as normal). This lead me to make some changes to the sniper rules for the skirmish variant.

Once the zombies neared the dragon's teeth I started firing at them in earnest.  A lot of stuns were dished out, but it wasn't until the zombies made it to the wire did I start to get some kills, and only then by concentrating my fire on the nearest hoard closing in.

Lucky for the commandos, I rolled very poorly for spawning zombies - in about eight or ten turns I think I only added about five more zombies to the table.  Part of that was due to holding fire and keeping the noise levels low, so this helped play test that side of the game.

zombies close in on the commandos

I played this game with the stuns in place, but only with a kill on a dice roll of 6.  My next game will have them killed on a 5+ to see how that works out.  My logic being that zombies are easier to give killing blows to as they move slow and don't use tactics to keep out of danger.

Some other modifications that I will play test include:

Figures with the "Ambush" order get +1 to hit targets.  As mentioned in the rule book, the ambush order includes over watch type of thing.

The Sniper will kill a target automatically on any to hit roll of 7+.  The sniper hit almost every time during my games, but rarely killed anything. Not what I imagine a sniper being capable of.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering about the bunkers in the photo above and pondering how zombies will be able to attack anyone in them, please keep in mind the scenario I have planned out calls for the player to set charges on them... once they have been blown up, they will have a nice hole in them ;-)


Simon Quinton said...

Sounds good so far, Yeah a sniper should be better perhaps have a bonus to the dice roll rather than auto-kill might be another option

Zabadak said...

As snipers tend to go for head-kill shots, I'm with Brummie on this .
Your rules seem to be coming together really well and they only seem a few minor tweaks away to completion.