Bolt action zombie - underground bunker

Yesterday I started building an entrance to an underground bunker.  After a quick sketch of what I wanted I started work on it like I was possessed.

 Using an MDF coaster I purchased at a hardware store a long time ago I cut out a bunker from foam card, which included stairs down to the entrance itself.

 It was after I made the actual bunker that I changed tack a bit and started added parts of styrene boxes around the bunker so as to give it the appearance it was actually in the ground.

At this stage I started to take photos to post on my blog:

Bunker glued to the base, with bits of styrene placed around it to see how it would work

Same stage, but showing the rear of the bunker.

After covering the inside gaps with masking tape, I started on the next level.

The bunker built, with slight sculpting on the sides.

Undercoat on the bunker itself

Undercoat on the hill. Note the sides have sand glued to them before painting.

Top coat for the bunker applied.

Flock added to the top of the hill; note the glue is still drying at this stage.

The bunker 'in play'

I am toying with the idea of adding more scenery to the hill and the top of the bunker - a clump of grass or small bushes for example, but not too sure on that yet.

The bunker isn't exactly a master piece, but it will suit my purposes.

  Now... is the bunker a haven, or where super nazi zombies are lurking?


Mathyoo said...

I think its great mate. Perhaps you should slope the borders of the base, but the way you did it suits your hills and is probably better gaming wise, so thats just fine.

Some bushes could always work..and blood, blood for the blood god!

I wouldn't say something without a second exit is a safe haven, neither could I imagine how it would work as anything but a zombie spawn point!

Was there a gas attack and german soliders took refuge in a bunker just to find the resistance is futile? Are they coming back out again? WALKING DEAD? :O

Simon Quinton said...

ooooo very nicely done! This project has certainly got your creative juices flowing!

Zabadak said...

Good looking model, simple but effective !

lrqan said...

Now that's a great build. well done.