Zomtober - week 4

Well, it is surprising how fast Zomtober has gone - week four already.

This week I finished my figures off before the weekend, which was a great effort on my behalf if I say so myself.

The flash really sucks on these figures

 This week I painted up six "type "3 zombies and five commandos. 

 I know this weekend is the last for Zomtober 2013, but I am extending Zomtober into next month simply because I only have five more commandos to finish and six more type 3 zombies to finish.

 After I have done those I want to finish off the Type 2 & 1 zombies, but as I wont be  using them for my games right away they are not an immediate priority.

 I have really liked Zomtober for it kept me actively painting, and I might not have done any painting this month if I hadn't joined in the fun.

I liked it so much that I am going to do a challenge for December and put it out there for others to join in... but more on that towards the end of November.

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 WW2Z notes

 Two of the commandos shown above are very important to my game if I am to use the "Arc of Fire" rules.  The sniper has longer range than almost every other Commando due to the others having SMGs, and has an impressive +3 to a d10 dice roll to hit.

 The Bren Gunner not only has very long range with the Bren Gun, but he has the best chance to kill a target than any other Commando in a fire fight.

 These two figures will need to be protected at all costs if the Commandos are to have a good chance at surviving. 

 Due to the high number of SMGs and the Bren Gun used by the Commandos, there will be a lot of chances zombies spawning during a game. Mwhahahahahaahhaa


Deserter said...

I love the concept you have here :) The Z1 rockets is a great idea! The figures are nice - I've got a bunch of WWII zombies complete and some US troops and British characters to paint for just such a project! Where are the Commandos from? I have some lovely Berlin or Bust (I think) US troops that are really rag-tag, a nice mix of weapons - they look like they've been on their own in Occupied France for a while :) regarding these finished figures - have you ever considered using dips or washes? (I realise the flash might have wiped that out mind!) - it'd grubby them up and add some real definition to them!

Shelldrake said...

The Commandos are Black Tree Designs:

I bought mine second hand through a forum, so I don't have all the figures I want: I only was able to get one Bren Gunner, and none of the Silenced Sten gunners, which I really really want.

Clint said...

Well done on week 4 (I will put mine up in a few hours time). A mixture of weapons is always good, I am surprised that you have so few rifles for your commandos. Let me have a rummage I know I painted some 28mm commandos up about 12 years ago, IF I can find them I should be able to donate to the cause!(Freeing Nazi held Europe is definitely a worthy cause!)

Simon Quinton said...

Great job Shelldrake. I must admit I always wanted some of those Commando's with silenced Sten's :D

Tell me to get stuffed if you like is there not an option to turn off the flash on your camera?

Simon Quinton said...
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Shelldrake said...

@ Clint - Cheers. If you can find any I am happy to trade. As mentioned, I bought mine second hand, so what you see is what I got.

@ Simon - yep, I can turn the flash off, but the results are worse than with the flash on. It is an old tiny kodak job, so I have to work with what I have.

Michael Awdry said...

Well done Sir, another fabulous collection. Zomtober has really seen the undead rise in numbers!

pulpcitizen said...

Excellent job. Now we need the 'big horde pic' collective pic(s). :)

Great stuff, and bold in continuing on; just like Zombies themselves, you can never be sure Zomtober is dead... :)

Zombie Ad said...

You did far more than me this month! Good job!