WW2Z - game play aid memoirs

My WW2Z game will be what I term a true skirmish; that is every figure acts as an individual, rather than as part of a unit.

 During a game, each figure will be given orders, and those orders can be different to that of other figures with in the section or platoon.

 Normally when I play my games I write up statistic cards to make it easier to record relevant information for game play. This is good, except for half of the time I forget to use a piece of equipment they carry, or over look a skill that would have saved the figure's life.

To get around these oversights, I am creating some game play aid memoirs.

Basically I have a character card with a photo and handy information that I will need to check during a game.

 I have done this in the past, but always seem to forget something important during the heat of the battle.

 Thus I have taken my initial info card one step further and created equipment and skill cards.

 The idea is that I stack cards representing any equipment or skill the figure has with the character card, and when it comes to the figure's turn to be given orders, I pick the stack up and look through them until I find the relevant piece of information that may be applicable for the order being given.

 Once the figure has been moved I pick up the next figure's stack and so on.

Here are some examples of my aid memoirs:

example 1

Example 1 shows the character card, and at a glance you can see the Rank and Name of the character, the TAC and Morale ratings, weapons and equipment carried, any skills he has, and some basic notes.

 Next to that is a card for the Thompson SMG, showing the range bands and the attack ratings for those ranges.

 The third card is a skill card telling me some important information that is good to remember, but often over looked.

Example 2

 Example 2 has two more equipment cards, again with important information that will come in handy, plus another skill card that is very important to remember during melee.

Example 3

Example 3 includes two grenade cards showing game play information. When the character throws a grenade, I remove a card from his stack, thus eliminating the need to keep records.  The last skill the character has is also in the example, reminding me that the character has a bonus to spot things during play.

 All the examples have been designed for the rules "Arc of Fire", thus most of it would look alien to most readers of my blog, as I am guessing not many of you have the "Arc of Fire" rules.

 The examples are the prototypes at this stage: I intend to alter the formatting a bit, and make them look a whole lot more 'purty' that what they are at the moment.

 During game play I can also add in to a character's card stack wound cards, to remind me to adjust movement or chances to hit, as well as anything else that would normally require some form of record keeping or a jolly good memory.


cedric said...

I like your aid memoirs. I am also a big fan of having handy supports and cards.
Your design is neat and clear. Not an easy thing to do. Thumb up and allow me to scavenge it for my fallout games :)

Zombie Ad said...

Nice set of cards sir

Mathyoo said...

That's a great idea, but I still need to overcome my fear of using cards in wargaming :P

Shelldrake said...

Cedric - if you have Microsoft Publisher I can sent you the template I use if it would help.

Mathyoo - man up and start using them! Games are more fun with cards.

Simon Quinton said...

Great Idea PZ. I need to do something like this for EotD. I will have to have a play about with it and see what I can come up with myself.

LOL@ Mathyoo Card Phobia?

Shelldrake said...

As I am slightly dyslexic, I have an excuse for not spelling 'grenade' correctly... what is the excuse you all have for not picking up on it?


cedric said...

Sure, email me the cards, I will do good use of them.