WW2Z - scenario ideas

I have been thinking of some scenarios for my World War Two Zombie game.

 I have a German Officer with a brief case waiting to be painted up.  The scenario involving him is fairly simple - capture him and return him to Blighty.  Sounds simple, but he could escape before capture, or not actually make it off the table safely.

Artizan's "Major Kriepe"

Once the officer has been interrogated sufficiently he will spill the beans on other people involved in the zombie plot, as well as locations of research bunkers etc.

 This can lead to a mission to capture mad scientists, occult leaders or both.

Artizan's "Dr. Klomp"

 Maybe V1 rockets will be used to deliver a zombie chemical into the allied lines - this would be a fun project to make a launch site, provided I could find a model V1 rocket to the correct scale. I could always use a smaller model (which I can find) and call it a Z1 rocket.

image stolen from another web site to show the 'fun' level of the V1

 I did consider a V2 rocket, but I think the V1 would be more fun for the game.

Then of course there is always the Marquis / Resistance that could be the focus of a few missions - the Commandos have to meet up with them and are then guided to a location of story driving importance.

Artizan's Michelle

 I would love to find a reason for a German U-Boat and crew for the game... maybe they will be carrying something important and need to be stopped before they leave the docks

Brigade Games: the big one is out of my price range, the small one is WW1... research will be done into the use of WW1 u-boats during WW2. Heck - zombies are involved, so I can't see why I couldn't use one.

Do I allow Priests to have an effect on zombies? If so, the Commandos can take one along with them and protect him. Maybe this would work only on the occult created zombies.

Artizan's Priest miniature

More ideas when the spring to mind...

EDIT - Woot! I just found a 1/48 V1 kit selling at a decent price here in Australia!  It should arrive next Wednesday, so I will have to start looking at making a launch ramp once I have built it.


cedric said...

I think I am going to follow that one. I wondered what to do with my sea wolves models, and the u-bot story is a damn good one.

Mathyoo said...

Some great ideas here, mate. I can totally understand how V1 is more appealing. I find it more "pulpy".

As for the U-boat crew, of course you need them - sub or no sub! Perhaps they're just resting on a secret island, deep in the Atlantic, on a nice little island that Nazis turned into the horrible place of lab testing, morbidity, making one's stay there dangerous, if not downright deadly? :O :O :O (imagine drama tune)

Simon Quinton said...

Great Ideas. I'd of gone for the V2 myself but thats probably medal of honour and call of duty nostalgia kicking in a bit there. Dam it you got me looking at rockets and Artizans pulp range lol!

Zabadak said...

Some great scenario ideas and you need look no further than a lot of computer games for further inspiration.

Sean said...

These are all great ideas, I hope you find the time and models to do them all.

Ironmonk said...

These are some great ideas! I can see a fun and interesting story arch already. Great find on the V1! Looking forward to seeing more as this develops.