WW2Z - V1 rocket scenario thoughts

The more I think about the V1 rocket scenario, the more I like it.

 I have been doing a bit of research in to the rockets so that I can make the appropriate scenery to go with it.

I can't start building the launch site yet, as I need to know the size of the V1 rocket I am eagerly waiting.

But, here are some images I have found on the net I am using for ideas:

Diagram of a 'typical' launch site

Walls that protected the launch ramp, which has been removed

V1 on launch partial ramp

Ramp as see from the rear

 Depending on the size of the V1 model, I am thinking of using HO/OO railway track for the top of the ramp itself, with foam card plus embellishments for the body of the ramp.

 I will have a crack at cutting out the struts for the ramp as seen at the front of the ramp on the last photo, but failing that I will 'cheat' and just make a solid support.

 The blast walls I will make with foam card, and I might tackle making buildings 'R', 'Q' & 'K' as shown in the top diagram.

I am hoping I will be able to get away with a shorter ramp and mount it on an A4 sized piece of MDF I have, but failing that I will find a board I can use.

 A lot does depend on the size of the model!

The launch sites also had a bit of variation of how they were built, so I can get away with not being 100% accurate should I need to be flexible.

For a bit of inspiration I found this on you tube:


Lord Siwoc said...

I think you are on to something right here. It should be "easy" to make the ramp.

Good luck mate

Simon Quinton said...

Great idea. I'd of been lazy though and gone for a V2

Clint said...

Vengeance weapons and zombies. Well that fits together perfectly. I think I would leave the rocket for now and just start on building the ramp. Go while the enthusiasm is there. You need not add the tracks just yet but you can easily build the rest of the ramp.

Really nice idea. Now get on with it! (Yes I am a cheeky git!)

Zabadak said...

Great idea for a scenario, lots of potential.
This site I found is very interesting too:

but I suspect you've already seen it.

lrqan said...

Bloody hell mate, what great research. I think the World of War franchise makes V1s. But buddy, its looking good.

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the comments Lads.

@ Simon - I may still do something with a V2 at a later date.

@ Clint - I need to know the size of the V1 model so I can get the other parts the right size. The railway track may be too big or too small; I may need N or O gauge for it. Thus the delay.

@ Zabadak - thanks :-) I have seen some of these photos, but the site give good info/details on the buildings.

@ Irqan - I almost went for the Flames of War V1, but it was tiny.

cedric said...
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cedric said...

It looks very good. I want to see how it goes but it gave me ideas for my own zombie/ww2 games.
I'd go for the V2 instead of V1, because of a time and space issue, but your V1 project is incredibly sexy.

Clint said...

You know the first V1's (the prototype versions) had a cockpit for a pilot! There is one in the same county as me, captured during the war.

shintokamikaze said...

Sounds great, you should try to watch the movie Operation crossbow. If your in to paper craft http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=107774

Shelldrake said...

@ Clint - I has seen the manned one on youtube; You are lucky that you can go and see one up close; I know I wish I could.

@ Shinto - thanks for the heads up on the film: I will try to find it to watch

Zombie Ad said...

Superb, I've been toyig with the idea of somethign similar for Dust Tactics terrain/objectives