WW2Z - V1 flyingbomb is here!

Yep, my model V1 arrived today.

 Not the hardest kit I will ever put together - 11 pieces in all. Glad I didn't pay a fortune for it.

  Looking at it, I will be using N gauge railway track for the launch ramp, so I am happy I waited until it arrived before getting any rail.

 The bad thing about it is the ebay shop I purchased the rack from seems to be on holiday, so I wont get the track until mid November. Poo Bugger Bum Snot!

 In the mean time I will make my V1 and start drawing up plans for the ramp and walls for the launcher.

 It looks like I will have to make this in two parts, as I will need more than one of my MDF boards to complete it, but this will allow me to store it a lot easier when not in use.


Clint said...

Nice one. Only 11 pieces sounds like the kind of kit I should make.

Zombie Ad said...

Great, can't wait to see it!

Simon Quinton said...

Cool. Look forward to seeing it being built. 11 pieces sounds great now don't forget to make the proper appeasements to the gods by cutting your fingers removing it from the sprue then gluing part of the model to the table.

Shelldrake said...

@ Simon - don't even joke about that. I have a lovely scar on one of my fingers after such an 'appeasement' that required three stitches when making a boat many years ago.