WW1 zombie game - part 1, the Planning

I have been in a bit of a zombie wargame doldrums of late. I have been struggling to find the time to actually play, and I want to do something a bit different.

As such, I am thinking of testing some different zombie settings to see if a) the setting will work with zombies, and b) if it will spark some kind of interest.

The first idea I am toying with is Weird WW1.

This setting will see the zombies created due to some gas, as gas was used a lot during WW1. I am thinking that 1917 or 1918 would be a good starting point for the game.

For figures I have some of the Great War Miniatures late war British already, and with the zombies I have all I really need to do is some more painting and creating scenery.

Whilst I would love to have a trench network to play on, I am thinking a zombie setting for WW1 might also take place out side of the trenches, as zombies are not that likely to need trenches for protection. Yes, the outbreak would occur in the trenches, but I see it spreading to all areas, such as in the image below:

 As such I am thinking some ruins, shell holes, muddy areas (zombies are not the only enemy, but nature can be too), duck boards, dead trees and plenty of rubble would be a good start. The use of toy stuffing as fog can also make the game a bit more atmospheric, either as fog or gas.

The mud and the tree idea is inspired by this iconic photo:

 and this for ruins:

 A copmany called Dark Ops makes some scenery for (I think) Frostgrave, but they are gothic enough to fit in with my concept nicely:

Portals for a ruined church ground:

 And ruins:

 For ruins bit cheaper, Blotz make some nice items too:

Blotz 28mm ruins

 The Dark Ops portals are £10.00 for 6, so I think they will be a great start to the scenery, and they I will supplement them with the Blotz ruins as they start from £2.50 each.

And of course I will need plenty of rubble:

 This article on making trees is useful - I will just make the trunks like they have and I should be good to go:

Making trees

I like the idea of the mist / fog on the table... in my head it works, but I would need to try it out to see if it looks cheesy or not.
I won't be going to the expense of using a fog machine like in the following photo, but it does look cool:

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