WW1 zombies - part 5 gathering items

In preparation for the game I have gone through my lead pile and hobby supplies and come up with the following:

Almost a complete infantry section of late war British infantry. I should have a full section, but some seemed to have been separated from the collection somewhere. Still, given casualty rates for the war, this is in keeping.

 The secton includes an NCO, Lewis gunner and loader and some riflemen. I also have an officer if I feel like including one.

 I have plenty enough of the Mantic Games zombies, so they are squared away.

I have one WW1 pilot figure on foot, scenarios for the use o.

 I uncovered some resin sand bags that can bet used, as well as some barbed wire enplacements, which although were intended for 20mm, they will fit in perfectly.

I also have enough coffee stirers and match sticks that I can try making some duck boards to see if I can make some worth using in a game.

 My stock of unsued kitty litter will be perfect for making some rubble, so I should be able to knock plenty of rubble up as scenery.

The figures I already have should give me a chance to play a game whilst I make some scenery, so I can play test some ideas and develop this plan further.

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