WW1 zombie game - part 2, the figures

Continuing on with the WWW1 idea, I will now take a look as some figures for the game.

The Mantic Games zombies are my obvious choice. They are generic enough to use for any game, meaning the ones I have can be used for any setting, and as no one that I know of actually makes 28mm WWW1 figures, let alone zombies, I have to use what is available to me.

Then I could add some not quite zombies: zombies that move fast and can use weapons. Maybe they are soldiers that didn't fully turn.

The film "Sucker Punch" has a WW1 scene with zombie like Germans:

 I could use some WW1 Germans with gas masks to represent these, painting the lenses on the masks red to give them that supernatural look. If I had some talent (read as "any talent") I could try and make the tubes on the masks to complete the effect. My thinking is that the masks are needed to give quantities of the gas to the horrors so that they can function, thus why they have the masks on.

 I probably wouldn't need more than an infantry section to use for my heroes in the game, maybe some support weapons, and just because I really really want one, a tank.

I have some late war British figures... I have found some of them and need to dig the rest up so I can play test a game.

Trenchworx make an excellent Mark V British tank that by using magnets can be a male or female type, so this would probably be my tank of choice:

Even if I can't use the tank for what it is intended for, I can always play a scenario where the tank has broken down and the crew needs rescuing.

So figure wise I am looking at a section of British infantry with maybe some support figures and extras for scenarios, the zombies and some Germans in gas masks. As I have the British and zombies already I should be able to get a game going with minimal effort.

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