WW1 zombie game - part 3, the game

 Rather than play the game as simple trench warfare type of thing, I feel a WW1 Zombie setting would probably have to be scenario driven with clues as to what created the zombies and how to defeat them being he ultimate goal.

The type of scenarios that spring to mind right away are:

  • a basic 'hold the line' until releaved. This is simply a watch and shoot kind of game for X number of turns.
  • a patrol. Maybe to search for clues, or to kill off zombies in the area. In campaign games, this could have some benefit for the next game.
  • a trench raid; used to scavenge supplies, find clues or learn more about what is happening.
  • a seek and destroy: with enough clues to point the lads to a particular point a seek and destroy can be used to further the story plot and set up future games.
  • rescue; go and rescue someone that can help in the future. I have a pilot figure to try this game out, but a tank and tank crew would be great fun, as I want a tank. 
  • Raid; the enemy has a gun park firing shells of zombie gas, and the section must conduct a raid further in to enemy held land to put the guns out of action.Would need a bit more work on the idea, but could be used if I purchase some enemy trench mortars or artillery.  This is but one idea for a Raid game.
  • Protect:  the reverse of the raid, this has the section protecting some assests until they have either completed their job or can be withdrawn. Again an excuse to buy some artillery and or support weapons.
  • Escort: take person /team X from A - B and ensure they are not killed along the way.
  • Escape: like the escort mission, but with only the section needing to traverse the playing area to safety.

 Scenarios based on furthering the story and the background should be included too.

The rules will be combination of rules from Chain Reaction, ATZ and NUTS! as needed. Judging by a post on TMP by Ed from THW, there could even be a WW1 game in the making, so that would be greatly welcomed.

I would be interested to hear others thoughts, ideas and suggestions on the topic.

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