Skirmish Outbreak - review during game play

I am in the middle of a game of Skirmish Outbreak and an AAR will follow.

But I thought I would pass on some thoughts about the game having played about four very intense turns.

Creating a Survivor band is very straight forward. If you are like me and want your survivors to actually use what the figure is carrying, then you may need to create a few items that aren't in the book.

If you post your ideas on the Skirmish Outbreak forum you are sure to get a reply to let you know if you are on the right track or not.

At first game play was slow due to looking up a few items in the rule book, but the game started to speed up quickly enough and I only had to check my Survivor's stats or the QRS at the back of the book after a turn or so.

Combat: as I mentioned in my big review, combat is fairly easy.  What isn't easy is keeping noise levels down and being able to get rid of zombies.

 Relying on good dice rolls to kill a zombie in Hand to Hand combat isn't a great idea as more often than not I didn't kill a zombie.

 Using the rule that allows you to make a head shot for the cost of two Action Points is really a good idea if you have the action points to spare.

By the end of four turns I knew that relying on high dice rolls during melee to kill a zombie isn't the best option, thus if you can afford the APs I would go for a head shot every time.

At the end of the fourth turn I had one player out of the game, and only two zombies dead. The game is still in progress and the tension is building.

There are a few rules that need clarifying, and I am waiting on a reply for one rather important question about noise levels in a building and spawning zombies.

So far I am really enjoying the rules - they are simple enough to learn quickly, but mastering them and being able to survive the game are different things.

The best bit of advice is to create your Survivor band very carefully and never go out alone.


Simon Quinton said...

Sounds positive then :) Shall look forward to the AAR.

Zabadak said...

Thanks for the update, this sounds very promising.