What should I name my city poll finished

The poll on what I should name my city has finished - and more people voted that are followers of my blog, and more people voted for 'other' than actually left a suggestion as to what 'other' should be.

and the results are:

malediction 8
perdition 10
brimstone 7
other 9

Well, I will cast a vote myself, and based on some great suggestions for 'other' I will use my vote to tie the results to:

malediction 8
perdition 10
brimstone 7
other 10

I will use all of the names for satellite towns, but come up with a name for the big city.

 I will reveal what it is once I have made some street signs for it.

Thank you to all that voted, and an extra big thanks to anyone that left a comment - there were some great ideas in the mix, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to help out.

Now that poll is closed I will be opening another poll to see if there is any interest in an idea I have in the back of my mind...


Zombie Ad said...

Glad your city now has a name and it was a fun way to decide.

cmnash said...

Good to see a result - if only I could remember if I voted or not!!