'PBB' - Gentlemen, choose your survivor

I finished painting some extra figures today (they are the ones in the first photo) so now the process of  the "Play By Blog" (PBB) can begin.

Because of various time zones around the world I am going to have players chose which survivor they want by posting comments indicating the survivor figure they want to play the most.

 If you are the only person to chose a figure then you will get to control that figure for the game.

 Players may nominate a second or third figure they would like to play on the off chance (more than likely) that someone else wants to control the same figure, but you are willing to control another one when it comes down to it.

 If two or more people still want to control the same figure, I will then put those figures up for a second round of nominations. Again players will nominate the figure they want to control the most, as well as indicating the figure they want to control the least.

 On the highly likely chance that this second round gets no results I will randomly allocate a figure for each remaining player, with the guarantee that they wont get lumbered with the figure they want to control the least.

 I am open to bribes or a strong missive as to why you need to control a figure more than anyone else, but threats will see the player removed from the game.

wow - I didn't notice until posting the photo that all figures have blue pants in this photo!

Players for the game are:

The Angry Lurker
Lord Siwoc
The Extraordinarii

Each survivor has no name - that is for the player to come up with, but each figure has a different level of ability and different skills. What the ability and skills are will not be revealed at this stage. Figures you think look cool and nasty might turn out to be complete wimps, where as the timid librarian type might turn out to be the most promising of the lot.

The Survivors:

#1: man in suit with automatic pistol
#2: woman with automatic pistol
#3: man in casual suit with automatic pistol
#4: man wearing body armour with military automatic rifle and pistol
#5: man in sports attire with SMG
#6: woman with SMG
#7: man with SMG and grenade
#8: man with automatic rifle
#9: man with SMG and knife
#10: woman with long protective coat and two heavy calibre pistols
#11: teenage girl with unknown modifications for SMG
#12: teenage girl with katana
#13: teenage boy with silenced SMG and knuckle dusters

Each player for the game has one week to post a figure nomination in the comments section (and no one will see them until all nominations are in). Any longer than the week will put a player out of contention.

Good luck Gentlemen, and chose wisely...