Still here - working in the background

It has been over a week since my last post, but I am still working in the background.

 I was away on exercise with the military a couple of weekends ago, and that usually throws my mojo out for a number of days.

 As it is winter here, I managed to catch a nasty cold a few days after coming home, and that has put a huge "dampner" (apparently 'dampner' isn't a real word) on the mojo as well.

 I haven't done any gaming, but I have been making a forest. Trees are something I never seem to have enough of for my games, so I have started to fix this problem.

This is a new method of making trees for me - they are cheap model railway trees I bought on ebay. I then cut pieces of cardboard into various shapes, covered the edges with masking tape, hot glued the trees to the card board, painted the bases brown and then flocked the bases.

 The picture shows a variety of trees at the different stages of being made.  The pine trees are actually for a friend: a wargaming mate of mine gave me the trees as he didn't know what to do with them. He is currently on holiday, and when he gets back I will give him the trees back as a surprise.

 The few trees I was making in the past took a lot of time - the method I am using now allows me to knock up a forest in next to now time by comparison. I only wish I had though of it sooner.

I also have my next road section near completion and I should get off my arse and finish it this week - I just need to slap my mojo into action.

I also have a hankering for some historical wargaming, so I might play around with that for a little while until I can get my next lot of zombie scenery up an running. As indicated in previous posts, that isn't a small task and I want to get it right.

 For those interested in my other wargame projects, please visit my other blog: Shelldrake's Wargame blog


Dan said...

I am also finding out you can never have to many trees. Your bases of them look great! I've got to find me some of these cheap trees on eBay.

Brummie said...

They look great the road traffic jam to the left looks more claustrophobic for the Survivors now. Due to the tree, what a difference they make.

Get better soon

Keep up the good work

cmnash said...

Damn fine results there Shelldrake and a nice surprise for your friend - well done you!

The Angry Lurker said...

Good forestry sir.

Shelldrake said...

Looking at it I wish I had even more trees now! :-P

The plastic pine trees are from an old Christmas tree my friend managed to get his hands on - he doesn't know I am doing this for him, so I am looking forward to the surprise :-D

Vampifan said...

That's a great looking forest you have there. Keep up the good work!

The Extraordinarii said...

You have been busy, good effort on the trees mate.

Zombie Ad said...

Great work buddy! Sterling job.

Zerloon said...

So much green!! ;D