Another Survivor

OK - I haven't forgotten about my 'play by blog' game.

I am busy painting a few extra figures so that there are enough for every one interested to be able to play.

I finished off the Hasslefree "Baker" figure today and this is what it looks like:

It wasn't until I was painting the figure that I realised that the jacket and the hoodie are two separate pieces of clothing and that the jacket looked very much like what you see American College students wearing in movies, so naturally enough, I tried to paint the jacket this way.

 I am rather pleased with this figure.

I have a few more figures nearing completion for the game, so I hope to have those ready soon.

Once all the figures are ready I will post a photo of them all so that people can start choosing which one they want to control for the game.


shintokamikaze said...

he looks very nice,i love the jacket

Brummie said...

Very nice mate. Yeah the jacket thing is weird I hadn't noticed it until i started painting mine. Like the S you've done on the jacket.

I did a Nike Swoosh on mine but the photo washed it out to much.

Looking forward to see the rest

Dan said...

The figure looks great. Looking forward to the game!

The Extraordinarii said...

Nice Shelldrake, Very teen high school, I agree about the jacket I think I will do mine the same way.

Vampifan said...

He looks fine and I'm so glad you chose the silenced SMG option.

Zombie Ad said...

Nice, love the trim on the jacket, looks great.