Been busy, but active in the background

It has been a while since I last posted a blog.  Since March this year it seems that time has moved faster than normal at the same time that real life has increased.

I have been doing hobby/zombie things though.

On the wargames front, I have purchased around 40 15mm zombies from Khurasan miniatures. They are glued on to bases ready to have the bases and the minis prepped before painting.

I have recently placed an order for some extra bits from Khurasan, such as the scientist figures.

 I also have some jersey barriers from Rebel miniatures in 15mm scale which virtually don't need painting at all, as they arrived having been cast in cement colour resin.

 I am waiting on another order from Rebel Miniatures - a pack of 20 (?) zombies, which includes the zombie clown... which I will use as an evil clown, not a zombie clown.

 I have two MDF 15mm scale ruins from Warbases to use in any and all games I will play with my 15mm minis.  They area a good price and I intend to get a few more to add to the collection:

 On the to be painted bench are some 15mm scale body bags and oil drums, courtesy of The Scene:    There are a lot of interesting things for sale on their web site, and I will probably order from them again soon.

I did play a zombie game last weekend - I tried out the Pulp Alley rules with my 28mm WWW2 figures. The rules are great, but I will need to adjust them to match the type of game that I want to play. Basically keep the mechanics, but make the game last longer than the six turns suggested in the rule book for scenarios.

I have recently started using face book, so one or two of you may have seen some images I posted on a zombie wargaming face book page that Brummie invited me to. Cheers Brummie!

The other zombie things I mentioned at the start include doing a lot of reading of zombie books, so I will have to do some book reviews.

I have watched a few zombie movies, and one of them, called "Zombie Night" was so bad I didn't finish watching it, and that is saying something, as I almost never stop watching something once I start. The acting was bad, the plot sad, and characters so pathetically stupid that I hope they were all eating by the end of the movie.

On a personal front, I had a cancer tumour removed from my head at the start of June. The hole on the side of my head is only just starting to heal, and I have to have an operation at the start of August to make sure they cleaned it all out. So when I attend my Brother in Law's wedding at the end of August I will have a bit of a Frankenstein's monster look about me.

 Apparently the cancer is "the type of cancer you want to have if you have to have cancer".  Not many people die from what I have, so unless it was worse than they thought I will recover.

So as soon as I decide to pull my finger out I have a lot to blog about.


Clint said...

Sorry to hear about the Cancer and hope it DOES not return. And that you make a full and active recovery.

Lots of goodness going on behind the scenes.

Michael Awdry said...

There is real life and there is real real life! Here's to a positive op in August, best wishes.

Simon Quinton said...

You have been busy mate. There are tons of different groups of facebook some very similar lol. So next time we chat I'll see if any are of interest. As already mentioned I hope you have a speedy recovery and it is indeed all been removed.

The 15mm project sounds great. I do really like all of Khurasans smaller zombie and survivor stuff dammit!