Zafehouse Diaries PC game

I recently picked up a text driven game called "Zafehouse Diaries" going for a couple of dollars on steam.

Being a text driven game I wasn't too sure on if I would like the game, but a video I watched on the game piqued my interest enough to give it a try, especially for a few dollars.

I was surprised and happy at how addictive the game actually is.

 Basically the game revolves around (up to) five survivors, and you give them orders based on their current location and a map.

 Once each survivor has been given orders you click a digital watch to progress to the next turn, and the results of your orders are provided to you in diary form for you to read.

 You need to make decisions that will ensure their survival and meet any objectives, this last being based on which scenario type out of three you choose to play.

 The game is not easy by any standards. It is simple to learn and play, but winning and surviving is another matter.

 So far the best I have done is to last five and a half days. Each game turn is an hour, so the best I have done is play out 132 turns.

 One thing I love about the game is that you can add your own photos to represent survivors, as well as create your own characters, giving each stats that determine how well the compete the orders you give them.

 You can also add images for houses, so you could, if the desire came over you, add your own house and those of your friends or neighbours in to the game to make it more interesting.

 There is the ability to create your own items for use in the game and I am still tinkering with these to learn what I can do.

The game was made in Australia, so another reason I was happy to give it a go - I like to support Aussie companies when I can.

The game is normally $9.95USD, I purchased it on special for something like $2, and it is now back at the normal price.

 If you are after an addictive game that is different to your average computer game I recommend taking a closer look at it, and if you are unsure, wait until it is on special again to pick it up cheaply.


Clint said...

Sounds interesting, I will have to check it out!

cmnash said...

Thanks for that Shelldrake.

I note, however, that you waited until after the special to tell us about it; trying to increase your aussie buddies' revenue are you? ;)

Are there any multiplayer bits to it?

Shelldrake said...

Um.. yeah The game came and went in the specials list that by the time I had actually figured out what I was doing (the manual is a web page) the game was no longer on sale.

Unfortunately there isn't a multi-player option, but it would be cool if they allowed for play by email multi-player games.

Simon Quinton said...

That kind of sounds cool. Will look into it further. Cheers for the heads up!