PBB2 - Turn 16 results

The zombie hoard moves forward, the chance to eat fresh brains urging them on.

Blink looses his nerve and backs away as they approach.

Misty fires a  burst at the on coming zombies and darts off into the kitchen.

Karen, who is very composed takes down four of the undead, giving them a small bit of breathing space.

As Lorenzo re-enforces the window at the bottom of the stairs he is joined by Grom coming down from the upper floor.

In the kitchen Robert climbs down the ladder in to what ever room is below the house.

Upstairs, Vonnie does a quick search of the room she is in before heading out of the room in to the corridor.

Game Notes

 The zombies won the initiative by one point, allowing them to move in on Blink and Misty.

Both were allowed to snap fire at the zombies before makeing GUTS check as the hoard closed in on them.

 Both of them missed killing off any of the zombies, and Blink actually failed his check, meaning he backed into the wall and is suppressed (must pass another GUTS check before taking any action).

 Misty was able to withdraw, so I more or less made her turn as per ordered.

Karen did a lot of damage - for some reason I kept rolling '3' for her wound chances on the zombies.

Robert is safe for the remainder of the game, and unless he wants to come out of the room he is now in, there is no need for Dan to give him any further orders.

Do the rest of the players want to continue for three more turns, or continue until all are dead or are safe in the underground room?

Basically everyone except Vonnie can make it into the underground room in the next turn, while Vonnie would need two or three turns to make it should Clint want to see her safe.

This is of course if the zombies don't win the initiative again.


Brummie said...

Misty hearing the hatch close as she enter the kitchen decides to open it and can just see Robert's head as he climbs down. Misty shouts to the others and follows Robert down the ladder.

Lord Siwoc said...

Should Blink recover his nerve then he will continue shooting.

(Are we going to make a run for it? Now that Misty has called it out we all know there is an exit. Go down and regroup)

Mathyoo said...

Grom reminds himself of this move he has seen once, he screams at the dead heads HASTA LA VISTA, puts his sun glasses on and adds...BABY!

Then he uses his actions to make an "organised retreat" (he runs maniacally!) towards the hatch.

Vampifan said...

Karen will make a dash for the underground room. If she can run and shoot at the same time she will try to kill the two zombies in the lounge with her pistol fire, otherwise she'll just leg it into the kitchen and down the ladder.

Clint said...

Hurrying along the corridor and down the stairs Vonda goes to investigate what all the shouting is about. Noisey gits bound to bring more dead heads.

When she gets to the bottom of the stairs she will follow the others if they are moving with a purpose. Should they just be making a noise for no reason, she'll tell them to be quiet with the most aweful gutter mouth you can imagine! No seriously much worse than that!(Authors note: due to the sensitive nature of possible readers just assume it's a lot of expletives about thier parants and karnal practices with animals !)

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo run for the hatch.

Can he stop to help Blink reach the hatch?