PBB2 - turn 15 results

The zombies lunge at Karen, the small hoard seemingly flowing into the house.

 Karen backs away from the hoard in a controlled panic and fires into the mass of undead, taking two of them down.

 Blink and Misty add their own shots to the hoard and take a further three zombies out.

 Lorenzo rushes out of the room he was in and heads for the stairs. Reaching the stairs he notices a group of zombies gathering outside the window on the north side of the house.

In the kitchen Robert looks down the hatch he has just opened. He sees the rungs of a metal step ladder built into the face of the hole going down. Lighting, like that of emergency back up lights.

 No noise rises from the hole, suggesting it might be empty...

Upstairs Vonda begins to barricade the room she is in.

Grom manages to break open the last door and enters. Relieved to find there are no zombies in the room, Grom notices a number of boxes with the bio hazard symbol on them.

Game notes

 The zombies won the initiative and would have ripped Karen apart if it wasn't for the fact she passed your GUTS check (just passed) and I was able to employ the "Stumbling retreat" rule to move her to safety.

 It will be very interesting next turn, as it could end in a very messy way if a) the zombies win the initiative again, and the orders the players give aren't in their own best interests.

 As mentioned the previous turn, only one player is in a position to save themselves and possibly the group........

My apologies for the length in time between turns - things should be a lot calmer in my part of the world until early December, so I hope to get turn results a lot sooner.

 This turn did its best to prevent me from finishing it.  I couldn't find my map images for ages, and when I did find them my online image host decided to have a hissy fit.


Mathyoo said...

Can biohazard boxes be somehow researched?

And what is the darker shade something on the floor, right in front of Grom? :D

Will add my orders later, but if this new things are of no interest, I'll rush down and help put up some barricades.

Brummie said...

I think some discussion is required at the Forums? What do you think?

Shelldrake said...


Yes, the biohazard boxes can be researched... by scientists in a lab


The dark thing in front of Grom is a table.

@brummie - what ever it takes ;-)

Dan said...

Robert will look for a way to turn the lights on. If he can't find one he will look for a flashing light in the drawers in the room.

No matter what he finds Robert will yell to his friends in the next room that he is going down the hatch and they are welcomed to join him.

Then he will precede down the hatch closing the closet and hatch lid behind him

Lord Siwoc said...

"We almost have the ground floor secure and barricaded! Dammit take those deadheads down by the front door!!!"

Blink looks around to try and locate the bazzoka! Should he spot it will will try to get hold of it!

Shelldrake said...

@Dan - the lights are already on in around the ladder. It looks like I had one of my dyslexic moments and didn't complete that sentence :-(

@Lord Siwoc - I am fairly sure the bazooka is on the couch where the zombies are... plus you don't really want to fire it in side, unless you want the zombies to eat cooked meat :-P

Brummie said...

Ok lol.

Misty fires a burst from her smg and backs her way into the kitchen.

Vampifan said...

Karen is not going to move. She will remain stationary and repeatedly fire both pistols at the zombies inside the lounge. If they all go down, she will fire at the zombies by the front door.

She spots Blink looking around and says, "if you want the RPG it's on the settee... but don't even think of firing it indoors! I mean it, man!"

Mathyoo said...

Hmm...in that case, VICTORY OR DEATH!

Grom will use his actions to sprint down and help out with a shooting spree. If I calculated it correctly, he wont be able to shoot at anything, but well, its a start. If I have any extra movement, I'd move towards kitchen door....the hatch seems interesting!

Clint said...

"Jezuush what's all the fuckin' noise for? No wonder I can't fix this door propper, blummin can't concentrate." Vonda maybe not the best at baracading decides to take a break from not securing the room.
Actions 1-3 Vonnie will quickly search the desk and body grabbing anything useful or interesting* and then head out into the corridor towards the stairs all ready to tell the others to "Keep the noise down!"

* interesting is anything remotely usable not paperwork, ashtrays or staitionary. Vonnie can always discard it if need be.

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink will try to get the bazooka, firing a burst at the zombies. Grabbing the bazooka and then trying to get upstarirs.

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo take a deep breath, staring at the new menace...

"Fuck! If they break this window we are done for good!"

As the carnage continue Lorenzo try to reinforce the barricade.

If the zombies enter I welcome them with my machete...