Skirmish Outbreak - new wargame rules

I have been very tempted to order a copy of "Skirmish Outbreak" as it looks interesting and a review I read on a blog piqued my curiosity.

I thought I would purchase the actual printed book rather than just the PDF, but after adding it to my cart I was amazed to find this book made in New Zealand is selling in $USD.

By the time I added postage and then worked out the exchange rate from $USD to $AUD I decided the $68AUD price tag was a bit steep at the moment, especially as I have medical costs to fork out for at the moment.

I would have thought a book made in EnZed would have been in kiwi dollars, but it is not the case.

 I am sure there is a perfectly good reason for this, such as aiming the product at American gamers, but it doesn't help us Aussie gamers on a tight budget, especially as the Chinese currency caused the Aussie dollar to drop even lower today ( australian-dollar-falls-sharply-on-yuan-devaluation ).

I could buy the PDF which is much cheaper, but I really want a physical copy of the rules.

 I might have to save my money for a bit and see if the Aussie dollar can go up a bit more before investing in a copy.

For those with a larger budget, you can check out the rules and order a copy here:

Of course I am open to doing a review on my blog and on forums if a copy was sent to me as part of a publicity drive.....  (yep, I am shameless it seems)


pulpcitizen said...

Tempted by this, just to see what they have done with the genre. :)

Zabadak said...

I'm tempted too by these, but I'd have to go for the PDF (@ $15) and get a physical copy later, but even the PDF price is steep for me atm

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Tempted too, I wish you will get a review copy, letting us know if it is worth going on top of the lead/plastic pile ;-)

Shelldrake said...

Of course anyone can fill out the 'contact us' part of Skirmish Outbreak's website and ask them to send me a review copy of the rules :-P

Simon Quinton said...

Ouch on the exchange rate fella. I hope its the wind changes in your favour and you can pick up a copy at a reasonable price.

Skirmish Sangin said...

Hi Guys,

Just to correct a statement in this post. The book is printed in the USA, not NZ, NZ is so far away from everywhere that its is not economical to ship to the worlds largest markets i.e. the USA and Europe. However we will be providing a review copy in just as soon as we can.


Chris said...

And, give us an email at chrisjpooch at gmail dot com, and ask nicely, I might be able to sort you out :)

Shelldrake said...

Wow - thanks guys - honoured to have you visit my humble blog. So I was right in assuming the cost of postage was for a good reason - i.e. reaching a better market.

Makes perfect sense, and I don't blame you really, as I am sure you would sell more in the US and Europe than down under.