PBB3 - starting notes

The actual game will be a good number of weeks off, but I thought I would post some details as a teaser, and see how many potential players change their minds about playing once they see the setting.

 Those players that are members of "the Board of the Living Lead" could probably guess what the setting will be, as there was a bit of talk concerning what I have in mind just after Christmas.

So, to put you all out of your misery, the game is a WW2 Pacific theatre theme.

The players will take on the role of an Australian infantry section some where in the Pacific.

 This was the reason why there is only enough positions for ten players - an infantry section has ten men.

 As the players will be controlling soldiers, one player needs to take the role of the Corporal, and another that of the Lance Corporal.

 I am hoping some players will step up for these roles, but if they don't I will 'stab' two volunteers to do the job... and I have two in mind already.  Should, in the unlikely event, a number of volunteers come forth, I will 'stab' those I have in mind to get rid of any arguments.

To make it fair as to who gets what soldier I will randomly allocate the figures to players when the time comes, with the exception of the NCOs.

Now that you know who/what the players will be controlling, it should be easy to deduce what the zombies will be.

 I have just received some of Company B's Japanese zombies and they will play the part of the enemy for the game.

 The game wont begin until I have painted the zombies and created the map, and given the way I am painting at the moment it will most likely be at least a month before the game can start.

So - of those that nominated to play the game now have the chance to pull out if they find the setting not to their liking.  Any takers to sit out this game?

The people that expressed an interest in playing were:

Lord Siwoc
Shintokamikaze (appropriate name given the circumstances)
Dave VanDam

For those that want to play; you need to come up with a name for your soldier.

 I will award victory points for those coming up with good Aussie names; but I will have a penalty for those going over the top when naming.  So those wanting to be known as Croc. Dundee or S. Irwin etc will most likely be eaten early in the game.
 Pick a name that is nothing close to Australian and, you guessed it, 'nom nom nom'.

(Hint - google can be your friend with the right search parameters)

As for the rules - I will be using a modified version of the Bolt Action rules which are very simply to play. Don't worry if you don't have the rules as you only need to give orders and I do all the rest of the work.

And in case any of you were wondering what Japanese zombies would say when trying to eat your tasty brains, well I have a good source that tells me it would be:
"Nō miso" or "Nō misoooooooooooo".  And no, this doesn't mean they are complaining they don't have soup.

I will do a review of the Company B zombies once I have painted a few of them up.

So, clean your weapons and sharpen bayonets lads.

The sooner I have yes or no answers for the game, the sooner I can post some background fluff for the game.


lrqan said...

sounding good.

shintokamikaze said...

Great stuff, thanks for this mate, i like the WW2 setting. I just finished watching the 1985 ww1 set Anzacs TV show on DVD,i loved this show back in the day. So ill use my favorite characters name "Pat Cleary" played by comedian Paul Hogan, and as im Irish the name sits well with me

Dave VanDam said...

WW2 pacific theme sounds like good fun mate!
Looking forward to shooting Japanese zeds instead of Nazis for a change, so count me in!

Clint said...

I also still love the epic and fantastic TV series "ANZACS". My first thought was to take Roland ( Rolly)Collins, Then I thought "Dingo!" "Pud!" or Martin Barrington but as he was the officer I thought Better of it.

If possible I will play *** Daniel "Danny" Prosser.

Dan said...

Cool setting. I'll have to hunt around and find a name.

Simon Q said...

Private Den Rotter reporting for duty sar!!

Lord Siwoc said...

Lance Corporal Luke Collins. Nickname "Lucky Luke" .Has not much to do being a fast shooter, but more the fact that as a green recruit he totalled a Majors private car. And the blame was put on his Sergeant. Several other accidents have occured and each time he has gotten of the hook.

Sean said...

Yes, I'm still up for it. Hmm Aussie names? Bruce immediatley comes to mind but also Barry McKenzie. I'll do some research and come up with a proper name.

Vampifan said...

Shane Wayne volunteers for duty, sir!

Dave VanDam said...

I'm gonna have to be Private Sydney Cooper

Sean said...

Got it. Pvt. Harry Morant. From one of those other Australian war films.

lrqan said...

Nigel Sydney WALES. Or 'New South' to his cobbers.

Dan said...

Pvt. Connor Robbins reporting for duty.

Mathyoo said...

Reg Rattey reporting for duty! Unless zombies get him, he will surely single-handedly attack few bunkers and machine gun nests, earning him the victoria cross!

Clint said...

Having spoken To Shelldrake and he has allowed me to change my character Name.

My new Character name will therefore be:

"Nobby" Clarke.

(Nobby is a British Army nickname in common usage for the surname Clarke or Clark... In fact I personally know 2... although one now sadly deceased.)