A bit quiet

It has been a bit quiet on the zombie wargame front at "Shelldrake HQ" since the PBB ended.

 I haven't forgotten about the zombies, and I hope to play test the "7ombie" rules and type up a review very soon.

 I also need to make some of that scenery that I mentioned last year that I need to make and didn't get around to making. Doh!

 I will have to tidy up my gaming room first, and I intend to motivate myself to do that this weekend... but there is a Japanese festival on over this coming weekend that I want to check out, so that could reduce the weekend to one day.

Anyway, I having forgotten my zombies and I hope to get something up on the blog soon.


Vampifan said...

Hi, Shelldrake, It;s good to know that you're still with us and still interested in zombie gaming. Just take your time in doing what has to be done. I'll still be here and I'm sure your other followers will be too.

Brummie said...

Indeed so Shall I. Zombies always catch you when your unawares!

Lord Siwoc said...

Always double tap!!!


Oh he is not a zombie....My bad!

Hehe good to know you are still around mate.

The Extraordinarii said...

where all still here mate, just doing other things..... hard to focus on just one interest !

Zombie Ad said...

A tidy up always seems to get me inspired. I also find all the little projects I never quite finished... or started :)

lrqan said...

I wait in anticipation