15mm / 20mm MDF urban terrain kickstarter

I have backed my first kickstarter, and one that is in Australia.

It is a modular MDF urban terrain system that can be purchased in either 15mm or 20mm scale.

Postage is free to anyone in Australia, and there are good postage discounts for backers overseas (scroll down to the bottom of the campaign section to see these rates)


There is a video on the page showing the system, and images showing the terrain being set up.

The owner of the kickstarter is very responsive to suggestions from backers.

There are only four days left to go for anyone wanting to back it, and as it is fully funded, additional backers help unlock some add-ons for the project.

I will be getting 15mm, as I want some scenery for my Modern Aussies, as well as for a 15mm zombie or sci-fi game.

And yes, I have an interest in this project, as I am a backer myself.

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