Zomtober 2014 Week 4

Last night, at 11:18 pm, when I was settling down for the night, I thought to myself "Fbother! It is Saturday night, and I didn't finish my zombie!"  And with that thought I went to sleep.

 Although I was busy today I made the time to finish off another 15mm zombie for zomtober.

 It is only one 15mm zombie, but at least I made the deadline in time! Yay for me!

 No promises, but as there is a bit of October left, I might try for one more week of Zomtober for 2014 and post another one for the start of November.

Zomtober 2014 Week 3

Yay! no excuses for why I didn't post on the right day this week.

This week I painted two, yes that is right, two 15mm zombies!

Again I haven't based these figures yet - the bases I have I am saving for my modern 15mm game until I know I have enough spare bases for the zombies.

 Now to start on the zombies for the coming week. In between catching up on season 4 of "The Walking Dead" that is...

Zomtober 2014 - week 2

Ok, technically I am a day late in posting this one, but I did finish it and take the photo on Sunday, so I did it by the deadline.  That and others posted on Saturday, so I am using one of the extra days not used by one of those blogs :-P

The reason I was a bit late is that I had to take the Mrs to the airport, as she is taking a trip to Japan to visit her family. By the time I returned home Dr Who was just starting, and I clean forgot to post the image.

So... this week I painted a 15mm zombie from Khurasan. I have had this, and a few others in the lead pile for a while now and wanted to see how easy it was to paint.

The figure isn't glued to the foam card; it is only there to assist with photography, as my camera couldn't focus the figure without something a bit brighter in the area.

The flash as drowned out a bit of the colour on the figure, but you can make out the greenish tinge over the grey.

And, no, I am not abandoning my 28mm games - just experimenting and thinking of doing any new projects I have in 15mm.

Those who follow my non zombie blog will know that I am tinkering with a 15mm Modern game, and I wrote a set of rules for that game to cover zombies and sent it to the author. With any luck the these rules might appear as a Halloween release.

Zomtober 2014 - week 1

It has been a very long time since I made a post in my Zombie war game blog, and it took Zomtober 2014 to actually do something zombie wise.

 I just finished my first zombie for the month. I did a simple rush job on this one, as I only started it today (being the first Sunday in October 2014), but I was able to finish it easily enough. I am glad I keep records of what colours I paint things, as it meant I could just open the relevant page and paint away.

 My camera is being a total dick, so the image is a bit blurry. But I made it for the first deadline!

 It is, of course, a 28mm WW2 German zombie for the WWW2 game I have planned.

 I just need to add some flock to the base and it is ready to use in a game.