A Day at the Zoo by Two Hour Wargames

Well, thanks to an idea i had, Two Hour Wargames will be making a scenario booklet for "A Day at the Zoo" as part of the All Things Zombie side of things.

The cover art work has been done with more news about the booklet hopefully in the very near future.

I am fairly "Chuffed" as this is about the first it an idea of mine has made it anywhere at all.

Many thanks to Ed at Two Hour Wargames for letting me use the artwork in the blog posting.

For those not familiar with Two Hour Wargamse or All Thing Zombie you can visit their site at:


or click on the links found on this page.

Game Mechanics - Zombies

Rules for Zombies:

  • All zombies have a movement rating of 4 inches per turn.
  • Only a roll of 6 on 1d6 when a zombie takes a wound will kill the zombie. This indicates a blow to the head that causes its death. This can be modified with the use of character skills which will appear later.
  • Any hits to a zombie that do not kill it have no effect - the thing keeps coming.
Zombie Stats:
Move 4
Ranged Combat 0
Melee Combat 3 (although this value may vary)
Cool 0
Fear 0

Whilst zombies have a cool of 0, they do not need to make cool tests. No brain no pain so to speak.

Zombies do not cause fear, so opponents do not need to make a cool check when seeing them, but opponents will need to make a cool check when zombies get within 6 inches of them. The cool test target number is equal to the number of zombies within the 6 inches of victim.

Game Mechanics - wounds

When ever a target is hit, be it from ranged combat or melee combat, roll 1d6.

When ever a figure takes a hit roll 1d6 - add +1 to the die roll for each turn of aiming taken before shooting.

Result: 1 - 2 No damage
3 - 5 Wounded
6 Dead

Wounds add +2 to all target numbers and incur a -1 inch penalty to movement.

A figure can take two wounds and still function. On suffering a third wound the figure is unconscious and takes no further part in the game, although it may be picked up and carried to safety.

Zombies have a different system for wounds.

Any figure left behind is assumed to have been eaten by the zombies, or may even return as a zombie for the next game.

Game Mechanics - Ranged combat

Dice rolls. roll 1d6 per Range Combat stat vs. target #

Roll => the target number to successfully hit the target.

Target Numbers:
short = 4
medium = 5
long = 6

Weapon ranges: (weapon type + long, medium and short range in inches

Rifles/MG = 30/20/10
SMG/shot guns = 18/12/6
Pistols/thrown object = 9/6/3

Example: at target is 24”. As i am firing a rifle i this is long range. I need to roll 6 on any Ranged Combat dice to hit.

Aiming gives +1 to the die roll per turn spent aiming at the same target.

Game Mechanics - actions

Each figure may only perform one action per turn.

An action can be anything a player wants a figure to do. Some examples are:

Fire a weapon
Open a door
Hit something
Aim a weapon

Skills, which will be part of campaign play, will allow figures to perform more than one action a turn.

Game Mechanics - stats

Each figure in the game will have the following stats (with definition):

  • Move (how many inches a turn the figure can be moved)

  • Ranged Combat (how effective at firing weapons the figuer is)

  • Melee Combat (how effective at hand to hand combat the figure is)

  • Cool (how much stress the figure can take before it runs away)

  • Fear (Nasties only - used to determine if the mere sight of the critter causes a human figure to flee)

Move is always 6 for Humans and 4 for Zombies.

Humans have 7 points to spend between Ranged Combat, Melee Combat and Cool. One point must be spent on each stat and there is no limit to how many points can be spent on each stat.

Example: I am creating a new Reaper Team recruit. I have to spend one point in each stat, leaving me with 4 points to spend. I choose to put two points in each Ranged Combat and Melee Combat. The Reaper now has the following stats: Ranged Combat 3, Melee Combat 3, Cool 1.

How the stats work: roll a number of d6 equal to the figures appropriate stat. Thus if you have 3 for Ranged Combat, you will roll 3d6 when shooting.

As stats go higher for humans during campaign play skills will also become available.

Swing set for my "A Day in the Park" scenario idea

To help "populate" my park where i intend to do some zombie hunting i made a set of swings by using some kebab sticks, some thread and the plastic from the blister pack some figurers can in.

Other People's Ideas on Zombie Virus

I read this post on the TMP - i liked it so much i thought i would post a link to it here.

Zombie Virus

Modelling "How To"?

No, this isnt about how to starve yourself half to death, snort drugs and strut the cat walk.

A few people have made comments in this Blog and on the TMP about some of the modelling i have done for the game.

Would readers like to see a blog covering how things are made as opposed to just a photo of the finished item?

If enough people post comments asking for this, then i can start taking photos at each stage of the process.

Scenario idea - "Schools out... FOR EVER"

Ok, so blame it on Alice Cooper, as i was listening to "Schools out for summer".

The game will be set in a derelict school. The local zombies have become a nusiance - not knowing where else to go when there aren't any fresh brains to eat they just "hang out" at the local school.

This will also give me the chance to use some of those great zombie figures out there, such as the Cheerleader and other school yard terrors.

How Many Zombie Movies?

Ok, so the title is a bit deceptive - i am not asking how many zombie movies there are, or even what the titles are. Instead i have a question for those reading this blog:

Situation: the other day i went to my local Blockbuster to hire some zombie films. As i was looking at which titles they had i thought "how many zombie movies can i hire at once without seeming like a weirdo freak?"

I asked a few friends and they said two zombies movies at once was acceptable, but anymore would be bad. Oddly enough, i had hired only two movies, but that was because that was all they had i stock at the time.

So i ask any reader of this blog the same question: "how many zombie movies can you hire at once without seeming like a weirdo freak?"

Painted Reaper Team

I painted the Reaper Team figures black, which i then dry brushed grey and then dry brushed black to dull the grey down.
The first figure i did came out too grey and it was whilst trying to tone down the grey i discoverd how well dry brushing over a previous dry brushing actually worked.
I am fairly happy with the end results.

The figure with the MG initially had the bi-pod with the open legs attached to it, but after a gravity mishap (i.e. i dropped it) the bi-pod broke off leaving the pin that you used to glue it onto the MG in the hole you glue it into.
Attaching the closed bi-pod option for the figure was the only way i could attach the bi-pod.

My first Zombie

I tried a few different ways to paint this zombie, but in the end it was simply a coat of "rotting flesh" paint with red ink wash followed by a dry brushing with the rotting flesh paint again.
Not the best paint job, but it will do nicely for what i want :-)

Zombie Proof Fence?

This is a photo of something i made today - a section of cyclone fencing (at least that is what it is called in Australia) with barbed wire on top.
I made the model out of flywire cut so the holes would be in a diamond shaped not squares when glued in place.
The whole thing is 20cm long and the poles are 6cm tall with the top 1cm bent inwards where the barded wire is glued on.

The base is balsa wood - i was going to use MDF board, but i don't have anything to cut it properly with, and balsa is a lot cheaper to mess up than the MDF.

Have your say

I just noticed in the settings for posting comments that a person had to be a blogger member to post comments. I have changed that so any one can post a comment.

That way anyone can provide me with feed back, general commends, questions or suggestions.

Game Mechanics - Part 1

Game Basics
Most of the games will be played with all the players being on the same side - the Reaper Teams. Some games will be set with survivors or other human combatants. These games will either be played with both sides being controlled by a player, or with the opposing side controlled by a set of control guide lines - i.e. solo play orders.

All the zombies will be controlled by a set of basic guidelines that determines their actions/orders per turn depending on the situation occurring at the time. This system is based on those found in "Pony Wars" and "March or Die".
A random amount of zombies will arrive on the table at various times unless preset by the scenerio being played. The zombies will also arrive on randomly determined entry points through out the game, again depending on the scenario.
The zombies will be slow moving and always be moved after the living, but they are harder to kill and will be very dangerous in melee combat should they get within arms length of their prey.

Rumours and Events
After each game i roll 1d6. If the result is a 6, one more piece of intellingence, information or clues to rumours is gained by the players.

Future Projects - Part 1

Trucks - i intend to buy two trucks. One to carry supplies back to town when my Reaper Teams go foraging, and a second one that i want to turn into a futuristic battle truck.

Figure ideas (figures i would like to see made... possibly in the Eureka Miniature's 100 Club)

a Dean and Sam supernatural hunter figures. As well as a black '67 Chevy Impala.

Bundeswehr Office, Sniper, NCO, flame thrower operator and one using a contamination meter (like the Eureka Soviet figure with meter).

Scenario ideas

"A Day at the Zoo". I raised this idea in the TMP forum as i thought it would be a fun game idea. It would also be fun modelling the zoo to fight in. Here is the link for more info: http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=101368

"A Day in the Park" (notice a theme here?). I am building a nice quite serene garden/park. It will include a duck pond (with ducks), sun dial, pagoda, flower beds, hedges, and a childrens play set (swings and slides). It will be all nice and happy... until the Reaper Teams come in to "evict" those using the park at the time.

"Seige of Check Point Bravo". The Zombies want to get into a human out post - after all these outposts are like a super market for them. The Reaper Team will be called into help strengthen the guards at "Check Point Bravo" as it comes under constant attack by zombies.

I will need to build a city. At this stage i am looking for some cork tiles to make my buildings from having read an article on the web by another Zombie wargamer.

Some Civilians

This bunch of figures are some that i painted up over a decade ago and have since dusted off to help populate my games.

All are Ral Patha from either the Shadow Run or the Raven Loft sets.

The Dog with No Name

As mentioned in the figure "Something Different", i converted a figure to give me something different to place on the game table.

Here is a photo of the end result.

I have yet to name the dog.

Street Scenery - the Dumpster

As a lot of the zombie games will be in built up areas I started scratch building items you would find in streets and alleys of a town or city.

One common item that would be found is a dumpster. Not only will it help fill in the street scene, but it will offer great cover during a fire fight.

After a quick look at some photos of dumpsters on the net i set about making one out of illustration board i purchased from a hobby shop.

I built a "floor" just below the top of the dumpster and glued on bits of rubbish to give it that in use look. I made some drink cans out of wooden kebab stakes which i painted and then glued in.
I am fairly happy with the end result, seeing as it was a first attempt and only took a very short time to make.

The photo shows the finished dumpster with a figure next to it to provide a visual on actual height.

And for those wondering, the figure is an old one i have of the Terminator. I think it is an old Leading Edge figure, but i have had it for so long i cant remember.

Campaign Rumours - part 1

Each time i play a scenario i will have the chance to develope the campaign through rumours and urban myths.

Some rumours so far are...

An urban myths going around claims that the Soviets created a vaccine that either cures or creates an immunity to the virus.

There is a country that hasnt been affected by the spread of the virus.

There is a scientist that worked on the original virus still living and he has a vaccine.

Zombies are not the only Enemy

With civilisation as we know in collapsed, so to have the security checks and measure over other toxic chemicals being stored around the world.

Gangs of nomadic survivors roam the land attacking zombies and other survivors alike.
Pockets of survivors hold out in fortified towns keeping anything attempting to get into the towns at bay to prevent infection. They also compete with other survivors for supplys needed to stay alive.

Military units from other nations have also formed teams that may or may not be friendly to the Reaper Teams.

There is also no telling what other disaster the world will face in the near future.

Giant radioactive creatures, other types of undead or mutated animals ressembling the horrors out of mythology may all be out there waiting to feast on the remmenants of man kind.

Basically this will give me the chance to throw in some werewolves or other nasties to give a change every now and then to the average game.

Reaper Teams - the campaign good guys

Generally speaking most of my zombie wagames will be played whilst controlling what i have called "Reaper Teams".

What are Reaper Teams?

Groups of soldiers that survived the initial outbreak have been formed into tactical groups called Reaper Teams.

The Reaper Teams have the job of combating the zombies, controlling the movement of civilians into safe zones, gathering supplies for the use of survivors and investigating rumours.

A typical Reaper Team consists of 9 soldiers. One Team has an Team Leader (a Corporal), a Second in Command (a Lance Corporal), two Scouts, one MG gunner, and four riflemen.

Team composition can vary depending on the local commander and the mission objectives. Specialists, such as snipers, scientific advisers, Anti-tank gunner and flamer thrower operators can also be found attached to Reaper Teams from time to time. (based on if the figures are made by Eureka Miniatures).

For larger operations a number of Reaper Teams will be deployed under the command of an Officer and a Sergeant.

All members of a Reaper Team wear a protective uniform, including a gas mask, that prevents them from coming into direct contact of the virus.

To add to the "history" of the Reaper Teams i created a badge that would be worn by all team members (see below). This doesnt do anything for the games but was a bit of fun creating some background.

The "Zombie Virus"

Known Facts...

The chemical virus will kill 30% of those it comes into contact with. 65% will turn into zombies. 5% of the population has a nature immunity to the virus.

The chemical virus only lasts in the air for 24 hours. During that time anyone coming into direct contact with the chemical (by touch, breathing it in or by getting it into the blood stream) will turn into a zombie provided they fall within the 65% statistic.

There are two types of zombies - "first generation" and "second generation" zombies.
First generation zombies are those that come into direct contact of the chemical virus within the 24 hour life span of the virus.
Second generation zombies are those that are turned into zombies through being bitten by any zombie type outside of the 24 hour life span of the virus.

Protective clothing, including gas masks, will prevent the virus from infecting a person. The suits must go through de-contamination before they are removed, or by waiting for 24 hours after last contact.

Zombie Campaign Background Part 1

How it all started...

During the Cold War Russia experimenting with chemical/viral warfare, creating a toxic mix of chemicals that was intended to kill its victims within 24 hours. One particular toxic mix had strange effects on those that it came in contact with.
The effect of the toxin was to kill those that came in touch with the chemical or breathed the vapours in. A major problem with the virus is that a larger percentage of the victims became living dead – Zombies.

Unable to dispose of this toxin without infecting whole populations, the Soviets buried barrel loads of the chemical through out Eastern Europe in secure sites.
For decades no more was thought about this buried time bomb, and when the Cold War ended, so too did the security over the dump areas.

The land once held by the military was soon sold off to land developers. As the bull dozers moved in the barrels were uncovered and punctured by the heavy machinery, causing the deadly toxin to be released.

Workers spread the toxin to their families and the local community. The local community spread the toxin to tourists. Before too long the deadly chemical had spread through out Europe and the rest of the World.

Those infected that didnt die turned into zombies. These zombies started attacking humans, creating a "second generation" of zombies in the process.

Something Different...

After i placed my order for the Germans and the Zombies i suddenly had the urge to paint the next figure shown.
I sent an email off to enquire if it was possible to add it to the order, and Eureka helped out yet again.
I had ordered the dog shown in the photo as well as another figure that i intended to cut up to get the hand from, but Nic placed a single hand in so i wouldn't have to do a Frankenstein act to convert the figures over.
The hand in the photo is from Sudanese market stall that Eureka sells. I left the assembly pin on the hand in the final result, as i figured this would help add to the look with a bone sticking out of the end of the hand.

Ever since it was first seen in a film starring Toshiro Mifune, the dog with a hand in its mouth has popped up all over the place, so i figured it was only fair that it made an appearance in my campaign too.

Figure Review: Eureka Miniatures 28mm Zombies

The Eureka Miniature Zombies are really rotten - and i mean that in a nice zombie kind of way. These figures look like they have pushed their way out of a coffin deep under ground after being dead for a good few months. This is great for the horrible zombie look. You can almost smell the putrid bodies looking at them.
I ordered four out of the possible ten variants and i am very happy with the ones i received. Like all of Eureka's figures there is very little to do in the way of cleaning the figures up in preparation to paint.
I intend to use the Eureka Miniature Zombies as "First Generation Zombies" as mentioned in the Campaign Background post of my blog.

Figure Review: Eureka Minatures 28mm Bundeswehr

I ordered the actual Bundeswehr in gas mask figures Eureka Minaitures makes rather than the set called "Zombie Containment Team" as i felt the extra equipment hanging from these figures would look better.
I received the figures very promptly in the mail and as usual the customer from Eureka was out standing.
These figures had next to no flashing on them, and i only had to clean up about two figures from the total of 12 that i ordered.
One thing i liked with the MG figures is the option you have of giving the MG an open or closed bi-pod.
The photos show the figures right out of the packaging without any attempt made to clean them up at all.

I have included to two bi-pod types that can be used with the MG. Each figure came with this option.